screenplay and direction: Mirosław Dembiński
photography: Andrzej Musiał
editing: Mirosław Dembiński
music: Janek Pospieszalski

2003 / Betacam / 50 min

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The film tells the story of Jędrzej, a 33-year old paraglider, who had an accident during one of his flights. Since then he has been paralysed and confined to a wheel chair. It also tells of a love story between Jędrzej and Hania, his wife (the accident took place a year after their wedding), the film shows how they cope with the every day difficulties of physical disability. The prosaic troubles, connection with a movement, a physiology and a finances, take on a different dimension for them: for example they are unable to have children in a natural way.

Despite many difficulties Jędrzej won’t give up; he’s full of energy and zeal. He returned to flying. That which restricts Jędrzej on the ground ceases to have meaning in the air. Such a helpless person, who can’t take a book down from the top shelf, suddenly defies gravity and flies into space. He feels a great need to share his joy. And Hania, despite he has already let her down once, she would never stand between him and his passion. That’s how the idea came about of a shared flight. We can see how they fly through the air together as they fly through life.


“Silver Gentian” Award at the International Mountain Film Festival in Trento (Italy) 2003
Special Jury Award at the International Mountain Film Festival in Sliven (Bulgaria) 2003
Audience Award at the Mountain Films Review in Lądek Zdrój (Poland) 2003
Best Human Adventure Award at the International Adventure Film Festival in Calcutta (India) 2003
Audience Award at the International Mountain Film Festival in Vancouver (Canada) 2004
“V4” Prize (Visegrad Group Prize) at the International Mountain Film Festival in Bratislava (Slovakia) 2004
Grand Prix at Optimistic Film Festival “Happy End” in Wrocław (Poland) 2006


Shared Flight” | Paragliding Discussion Group

An excellent film about a man and how he can love and how strong the power of passion is… But above all that disability is a matter of mind over matter and Jędrzej is not disabled.

Shared Flight | Integracja

“Shared Flight” is a warm and moving film that openly deals with disability. An additional bonus is the amazing picture from air and the music. All of this makes this film unforgettable.