screenplay and direction: Jakub Skoczeń
photography: Wojciech Staroń
editing: Jakub Skoczeń

2000/ Betacam / 50 min

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This is a film portrait of one of the most outstanding European directors. This biographical documentary shows the different layers of the personality of the artist and doesn’t hide the contradictions of his nature. The confessions of Żuławski are alternated with fragments of his films, showing the twists and turns of his personal life and art.


Żuławski by Żuławski” | Gazeta Wyborcza

This biographic account brings to light the various facets of the artist’s personality and does not cover up his contradictory nature. One advantage of this is that it does not demonize, but rather humanizes its subject. Regardless of whether or not you like Żuławski’s films, it is worth watching for the various explanations that unravel the violence and brutality of his films. (...) The film’s director decorates Żuławski’s accounts with extracts from his films, appropriately illustrating his loopy private and artistic life.