Was born on the 30th March, 1964 in Opole. He  studied film directing at the Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School in Łódź (1990 - 1994).

As a director he has made several films and documentary series including 9 produced for the Film Studio "Everest". For the picture ”The Tender Age” he got an award at the Media Festival “Man in Danger” in Łódź, and for ”A Ballad about Sałapatek” he received Brown Lajkonik, an award at the Short Film Festival in Cracow (Poland).

He has directed a television theatre play "Solo" based on the play written by Andrzej Stasiuk. He has also directed the TV series: “Adam and Ewa” (Polsat), “Brother and Sister” (Canal+), “For Better and for Worse” (TVP), “Only Love” (Polsat), “The Colours of Happiness” (TVP2).



1994 „Szwejki” / ”The Shveyks”, documentary series
1994 „Misja” / "Mission", documentary
1995 „Wiek dziecięcy” / ”The Tender Age”, documentary
1995 „Zdzisław Jaskuła - poeta z ulicy Wschodniej” / ”Zdzisław Jaskuła - A Poet from the Wschodnia Street”, documentary
1995 „Andrzej Dobosz - pustelnik znad Sekwany” / ”Andrzej Dobosz - A Hermit on the Banks of the Seine”, documentary
1995 „Grzegorz Małecki - scenograf” / ”Grzegorz Małecki - A Scenographer”, documentary
1995-96 „Gliny” / ”Cops”, documentary series
1996 „Ballada o Sałapatku” / ”A Ballad about Sałapatek”, documentary
1996 „Lech Janerka” / ”Lech Janerka”, documentary
1997 „Poszukiwacze skarbów” / "Treasure Hunters", documentary series
1998-1999 „24 godziny” / "24 Hours", documentary series
1999 „Monolog o śmierci” / "A Monologue of Death", TV drama
2000 „Żuławski o Żuławskim” / ”Żuławski by Żuławski”, documentary
2000-2001 „Adam i Ewa” / „Adam and Ewa”, TV serial
2002 „Comédie Polonaise” / “Comédie Polonaise”, documentary
2007 „Na dobre i na złe” / „For Better and for Worse”, TV serial (episodes)
2007-2008 “Tylko miłość” / “Only love”, TV serial
2007-2008 “Barwy szczęścia” / “The Colours of Happiness”, TV serial