Was born on the 21st September 1950. He lives in Warsaw. Between 1974 and 1997 he was a scientist for University in Warsaw.

He published two stories and volume of essays, translated several literature and scientific books from English. He was co-author of the screenplay for the film “Shitheads” and also several plays of TV theatre. He has realized a series of TV programs “Televisions”. He was also a co-director of the documentary ”Wizard of the Radio” – showing a person of Piotr Kaczkowski.




1995 „Telewidzenia” / “Televisions”, documentary series
1995 “Gnoje” / “Shitheads”, feature film (screenplay)
1995 „Dziennik 1954” / “Diary 1954”, TV drama (screenplay)
1996 „Dziennik bez samogłosek” / “Diary without Vowels”, TV drama (screenplay)
1996 „Kwiaty z drzew zakazanych” / “Flowers from Forbidden Trees”, TV drama (screenplay)
1999 „Dysydent końca wieku” / “Dissident of the End of the Century” documentary, (screenplay)
2000 „Szaman eteru“ / ”Wizard of the Radio”, documentary