screenplay and direction: Uładzimir Kołas
photography: Uładzimir Babaryka
            Jury Plushchau
            Henadz Zayats

editing: Jury Pivavarau

2008 / Betacam / 52 min





Ada and her husband are the farmers in Belarus. Despite many duties, Ada spends much of her time organizing ‘plein-airs’. She also created there an art gallery.

In Belarus even such innocent activities as ‘plein-airs’ and creating galleries are considered unwelcome and can cause problems with local authorities.


Distinction at the Bartoszki Film Festival in Tarnobrzeg (Poland) 2008
First Prize at section “National character” at the Festival of Television Programs and Films "The Golden Drum" in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) 2008
Special Prix Europa in category TV documentary at the Prix Europa in Berlin (Germany) 2008
Grand Prix at the Creation Documentary International Festival in La Rochelle (France) 2008


Ada Gallery” |

The Polish production of "Ada Gallery" gives a perfect insight into what is going on in Belarus and indeed a production that could not have been made in Belarus. It was also clearly said by its director during the award giving ceremony that the film could have been produced just with the support of the Polish film studio and the Polish film makers.