Was born on the 8th April, 1968 in Warsaw. In the years 1978-1992 he lived in Switzerland, where he finished a school of pantomime “Ilg” and a school of acting “Schauspielgemeinschaft Zurich”. In Brisbane (Australia) he attended “Queensland College of English”. He also has musical education.

In 1992 he moved to Łódź where he studied film directing at the Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School. He graduated from the school in 1996 under  artistic supervision of Krzysztof Kieślowski.

In 1994 he made a picture ”To Conquer the Mountain” which got awarded at the Mountain Film Festival in Calcutta. His full-length feature “All Winter without the Fire” has been awarded 10 times at festivals in Poland and abroad.



1987 „Rummel” / “Rummel”, fiction
1987 „Outtime” / “Outtime”, fiction
1989 „Confusion” / “Confusion”, fiction
1992 „Sputnik” / “Sputnik”, fiction
1993 „QB” / ”QB”, documentary
1994 „Pokonać górę” / ”To Conquer the Mountain”, documentary
1994 „Guilt” / “Guilt”, fiction
1995 „Spirits” / “Spirits”, promotional film
1995 „Przed zmierzchem” / “Before Dusk”, fiction
2001 „Na swoje podobieństwo” / “On your Image”, fiction
2004 „Cała zima bez ognia” / „All Winter without the Fire”, feature / drama
2007 „Na dobre i na złe” / „For Better and for Worse”, TV serial (episodes)
2008 „Pitbull”/ „Pitbull” TV serial (episodes)
2008 - 2009 „Londyńczycy” / “Londoners”, TV serial (episodes)