He was born on the 13th September 1968 in Warsaw. In 1993 he finished his studies at the State Academy of Drama in Warsaw at Department of Theatrology. He studied directing at the Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School in Łódź (1993-1998). Co-operated with the Academy of Movement in Warsaw and with Cultural Centre in Kazimierz.

As a director he realized several documentaries, etudes and television theatre. “Dad from America” took part in important international film festivals winning a special award on MFFK in Cracow and STO – Studio award at the Media Festival “Man in Danger” in Łódź. The film “The Double Life of Miss Kierat” – awarded Grand Prix at the festival in Berlin has been selected as one of the best programs of the year for INPUT Conference, Forth Worth, USA 1999. In 1998 he has founded his own film studio “Pancernik Film”.



1992 „Buruczaga” / “Buruczaga”, experimental film
1994 „Na końcu świata” / “In the End of the World”, documentary
1994 „Tango lux kaszanka” / “Tango Lux Kaszanka”, short fiction
1995 „Świnia” / “Swine”, TV drama
1996 „Fuzja” / “Fusion”, short fiction
1997 „Tata z Ameryki”/ “Dad from America”, documentary
1997  „Podwójne życie Kieratówny" / “The Double Life of Miss Kierat”, documentary
2000 „Tor” / “Railtrack”documentary
2001 “Szum” / „Hum”, documentary
2005 „Pajęczyna szczęścia” / „The Cobweb of Luck”, documentary
2008 „Bugi” / „Bugi”, comedie